Feminism: Interview With Liana Kerzner – Part 3: Return Of The Kerzner

In the final installment of my interview with Liana Kerzner we discuss politics, earnestness and academic feminism.

Feminism: Interview with Liana Kerzner – Part 2: Wrath of the Kerzner

Part two of the Liana Kerzner interview about Feminism. We talk about sexual stigma, and working with opposing viewpoints. Our geek out moments this time are around Brooklyn 99 and D&D.

Feminism: Interview With Liana Kerzner – Part 1

This week’s episode its part 1 of my interview with Liana Kerzner. We talk about Feminism including current goals and the treatment of radical and moderate voices by the media. Oh and a He-Man vs. She-Ra rant.

Feminism: Concrete Ideas for Feminism to Combat Extremism

In this final episode on Feminism I lay out concrete ideas for Feminism to combat the more extreme sides of the movement.

Feminism: How Do Trans Issues Fit In?

This episode talks about how trans fits in with intersectional and TERF feminism. Should trans issues be a part of feminism or should it have its own movement?

Feminism: Is The Term Feminism Too Radicalized To Use

This week’s episode looks at the term Feminism itself. Is the term as clear cut as people think? Should it be changed to show a better face of Feminism? Should Feminism care what outside voices think?

Feminism: Outrage Culture and Safe Spaces

This week I take a look at outrage culture, triggering and safe spaces in social justice circles.

Feminism: The Problem with Authoritarianism

In this weeks episode I discuss the trend of some feminism toward authoritarianism and why this is a problem for social change and working together.

Feminism: The Dismissal of Male Issues

In this episode I talk about the feeling of dismissal some men have about male issues and the groups that are a part of the Men’s Rights Movement.

Feminism: Why Some Men Feel Threatened by Feminism

This week I talk about the motivations and reasons behind some men feeling threatened by feminism and feminist rhetoric.